Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How do I improve English Ability through using English Websites?

Learning English is an important object, even though you are a child or you had graduated from school, it’s always impairing you deeply. Nowadays, internet is popular for global by its convenient function. We can use websites to learn what we want to learn. When I was young, my mother took us, both of my brother and me, to lots of talent class. For example, I’ve ever learn piano, use an abacus, accounting operation, and went to English cram school. English is a very important talent for this world, but we didn’t have useful tools to use. So that we can now use the websites to learn English is very fortunately.
In Studio Classroom, it tells us many website to improve our English ability. We can use Dictionary.com to learn lots of words and sentences. We can use Internet Movie Database to new about world movies’ developed in English. We can use Wikipedia to learn more about every weird thing in our daily life. We can also use Google Earth to find everywhere we want to see. All of those websites can level up your English ability.
By those websites, I deeply feel grad in use them. It’s abounded, winsomely, and the important things of all, it’s very interested. Interested things can interest everybody’s learning. When people pay attention to learning, then their English ability will make progressive rapidly. By the way, I am the one of those people!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The future of the Internet
96047 黎泓莛
Nowadays the Internet plays a important role in our life. The Internet makes our life much more convenient than before, for example, we can buy the goods we need on the Internet. Moreover, we can contact with far-distance friends by sending e-mails or chatting with each other on the Internet. Also, when we need some information, we can just search for it on the net quickily. The Internet really saves us so much time. In my opinion, the Internet is a good helper for me; I use it very often. I can buy train tickets through the net; futhurmore, I can get the up-to-date news from it, too. Also, I can listen to the radio online or English program. By the Internet, I can get the information without wasting me so much time. The Internet is a good tool for us if we use it in a right way, and we will benefit from it.
Computers were changing the way people read and wore. Many people believed that the electronic text would soon replace the printed word. The printed book seemed less and less practical. Electronic books were going to be the way of the future. The electronic books are so convenient. We can get it all on computer or PDA. When we carry a CD equal to carry about ten printed books. Printed books are so heavy and inconvenient, just like our accounting books.
For most readers, reading electronic text does not give the same comfort, enjoyment, or personal touch that the printed word does. They are not sold on the idea of reading a whole book on a computer screen. They prefer the delicate texture of paper to a piece of metal and plastic. For me, I like printed books more than electronic books. I like reading novels. At once I try to reading a novel on the internet. When I finished reading the novel, I think that I will not try again. Because I felt my eyes are so tired more than I reading ten printed novels.And the time I spend on the internet enough I read three printed books. I think I will read printed books in the future.
Because reading on the paper more easy than reading on the screen. Reading electronic books are hurtful for your eyes.Though reading habits may still change in the future, it looks like the long tradition of the printed word may not yet be over.

Monday, January 09, 2006

You are my fireThe one desireBelieve when I sayI want it that way
But we are two worlds apartCan't reach to your heartWhen you sayThat I want it that way
[Chorus:]Tell me whyAin't nothin' but a heartacheTell me whyAin't nothin' but a mistakeTell me whyI never wanna hear you sayI want it that way
Am I your fireYour one desireYes I know it's too lateBut I want it that way
Now I can see that we're falling apartFrom the way that it used to be, yeahNo matter the distanceI want you to knowThat deep down inside of me...
You are my fireThe one desireYou areYou are, you are, you are
Don't wanna hear you sayAin't nothin' but a heartacheAin't nothin' but a mistake(Don't wanna hear you say)I never wanna hear you sayI want it that way
Tell me whyAin't nothin' but a heartacheTell me whyAin't nothin but a mistakeTell me whyI never wanna hear you say(Don't wanna hear you say it)I want it that wayI want it that way

Monday, January 02, 2006

We Need to Live in a Clean Environment

During the past thirty years, people in Taiwan have been devoted to economical development. There is denying that we have done a miracle, but the environmental pollution caused by industrial development has seriously endangered our health if we don’t solve this problem as soon as possible we won’t have fresh air to breath, pure water to drink and nutritious food to eat. In other words, our lives must be threatened. It is high time the government and the public did something for improving our quality of life. Nowadays, the pollution problem is more discussed in Taiwan than in any other places. But when you look around, you’ll certainly find that in addition to in addition to industrial pollution, most people are doing something harmful to our environment. For example, some heavy smokes don’t give up smoking.
As a result, the air has become fouler than ever. From this point of view, we know that everybody should take the responsibility improving out living environment. Even if one throws garbage at random. The whole environment must be disrupted. In order not to be a black sheep, let’s work together for a clean environment. Without clean water, the fish would die, which is the same with smoke from the factories’ chimneys.
Our dreams have been taken away. What are our dreams? Pretty simple. We only desire to live in a clean environment, where we would not need to tightly close our windows all day long to prevent us from the poisonous smoke, where we could take a deep breath every morning as we did before to greet a new day where we could get a view of a green world, the color of life, instead of a black one, which often reminds me of death. In a highly industrialized country, these dreams may be dreams forever. Some say that if we want a modern life with industrial conveniences. We cannot but sacrifice something. That might be right.
However, if the so-called “something” has much to do with our lives, shall we pay no attention to it? Achievements in industry are not to be proud of. We should go a step further to improve our quality of life and our surroundings: otherwise, those achievements amount to nothing. More often than not, we are told by the newspaper about the more and more serious problems of pollution. Polluted water makes creatures in the river die, makes crops nearby die. Air pollution in creases the number of lung illnesses.
The pollution from garbage is also a problem. One's memory should to new enough to remember the fire on the“garbage hill,” which burned down the confidence we have in our environment. Don’t be ignorant of this again do something to save our environment and save us.
We create the world: do not let the world be destroyed by us ourselves. Do not let the “garbage hill” be a common scene on earth in the future. Do not let our children blame us for the damaged environment we leave to them. It’s high time we thought about these. Human beings. If the ecological balance continues to be disrupted, our lives will encounter a great challenge.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The movie Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith
I think it’s a nice movie to see , because it’s contain stimulate and funny the substance is very interesting .
The movie says a husband and wife they are killer they go all out to serve some body regardless of the consequences their leader , the interesting is here , their leader are different faction and they don’t know the other half is killer ,when once mission they suddenly. Find their other half is killer.
The movie have wonderful beating and the scent of burst ,this movie is worth to go to the movie theater. To enjoy the big screen and around sound equipment.